Vote Saturday, April 27: 10am-4pm

Augusta County Voting Location
Augusta County Government Center: 18 Government Center Lane, Verona, Virginia, 24482
Precincts in HD25: Crimora, Dooms, Fishersville, Fort Defiance, New Hope, Verona, Weyers Cave, Wilson

Rockingham County Voting Location
Bridgewater Town Office (Arey Assembly Hall): 201 Green Street, Bridgewater, Virginia 22812
Precincts in HD25: Port Republic, Grottoes, Massanetta Springs, Crossroads, West Bridgewater, Montezuma, Mt Crawford, North River, Ottobine, East Bridgewater

Albemarle County Voting Location
Crozet Library: 2020 Library Ave, Crozet, VA 22932
Precincts in HD25: Brownsville, Crozet, East Ivy, Ivy Jack Jouett, Mechums River, Yellow Mountain 

Marshall Pattie: Why I Chose to #WalkAway from the Democratic Party

Like many Republicans in the Commonwealth of Virginia, my journey to our party started on the other side of the aisle. I come from a long line of Democrats and joining the party was less of a choice than it was an expectation. I knew all of the rhetoric, none of the facts, and spent my young adulthood trying to square my conservative values with the party I thought I was supposed to support. This culminated when I finished school and joined the Augusta County Democratic party.

I spent roughly two years involved in the local Democratic party, and even became the chair for about one year. Despite this, my values prevented me from ever truly fitting in with the other members of the party. I have always been a gun enthusiast, shooting competitively in high school and supporting our right to carry. For this, I was mocked as a “gun nut.” I have known the Lord and been involved in the church. This religious conviction, along with my pro-life stance, left me labeled a “Christian fanatic” and “anti-choice.” For these, and other ideological differences, I left the Democratic party for good in the first couple of months of 2011.

I have paid a personal price for this decision, losing friends and suffering personal attacks from members of the Democratic party that I rejected. Unfortunately, some individuals in establishment Republican circles have also engaged in these attacks. They treat our party like a social club and would rather destroy members of their own party to preserve their influence than grow the conservative movement. If they had their way, we would never have elected President Trump, President Reagan, or Vice President Pence all former Democrats who became disillusioned with the party and walked away.

The Democratic party is not the party it pretends to be. It is not the party of acceptance. It is the party of identity politics and judgement. It is not the party of the average working family. It is the party of elitist, socialist plans like the Green New Deal. It is not the party of liberty. It is the party of gun control and open borders. That’s why I chose to #WalkAway.

I believe Virginia values are worth fighting for. Small government with an emphasis on the church, family, and local community are what has made the Commonwealth great. While being a Republican was not my birthright, my belief in these values made me a Republican. For the last eight years, I have fought for conservative, Republican principles while serving on the Augusta County Board of Supervisors. My proven, conservative record is public. I challenge those who doubt my convictions to look for themselves. I hope others who faced the same crossroads I did find the strength to #WalkAway and join our party.