The battle for freedom starts at the local level.  Local governments are eroding our freedoms one ordinance at a time.  I have continually fought against unnecessary regulations and have advocated for loosening others.  As your delegate I will fight for allowing you to do more with your life, property and pursuit of happiness.

Growing the Economy
Since elected to the Augusta County Board of Supervisors, I have supported the county’s economic development efforts that have resulted in 1200 jobs and $238 million in growth to our economy in Augusta County. In Richmond, I will advance policies that generate long term economic growth and jobs in Albemarle, Augusta and Rockingham Counties. I will vehemently oppose efforts that grow government, burden the private economy and taxpayers and inevitably stall economic growth.

For the past eight years since I was elected to the Augusta County Board of Supervisors, I have not supported any tax increases in Augusta. I have fought against personal property, real estate and machine and tool tax increases.   I support the Republican led tax conformity plan passed during the 2019 General Assembly Session and will always support policies to put money back in the pockets of the hardworking residents of Albemarle, Augusta and Rockingham Counties.

I shot competitively from childhood to high school.  Shooting was a critical part of my development.  As an elected supervisor I have fought against and prevented gun restrictions in Augusta County.  There have been attempts to prevent shooting based on zoning, time of day and unnecessary restrictions on gun sellers’ rights.  In the General Assembly I will fight against 2nd amendment restrictions.

I am 100% pro-life.  This issue hit home for my family when my family had early struggles with childbirth.  In our first pregnancy my wife miscarried.  In our second pregnancy in which Archer was born my wife was rushed to UVA hospital because they found she had a heart defect that required surgery when she was 26 weeks pregnant.  I mourn the loss of our first child and when my wife was at UVA I feared for both the life of my child and wife.  I will fight to prevent abortions in the Commonwealth.  I will oppose any attempts by extreme Virginia Democrats to expand third trimester abortions or allow newborn babies to perish.

Public Safety
As North River Supervisor, I have worked to make Augusta County safer than ever. In the eight years that I have served I have voted to nearly double our first responders to 105 employees.  Response times across the County have improved.  I have worked with the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office to keep our community safe. I will fight to support state benefits for these tireless public servants across Albemarle, Augusta and Rockingham Counties. I will also support our State Police that keep us safe traveling on I-81 and I-64.

Megan and I are the parents of a kindergartner and first grader at North River Elementary in Augusta County and I am a proud graduate of Virginia’s public-school system. I recognize that one of the core functions of government is to ensure that all children have access to an excellent public school. The 25th District has excellent schools and I will work with parents and support teachers to ensure the entire Commonwealth remains focused on student-centered quality education opportunities.

College Affordability
As a professor and student advisor at James Madison University – I have a unique perspective on student debt and outcomes from our Commonwealth’s institutions of higher education and will work with students and families to craft policies to increase college affordability and access to high quality jobs after graduation. I applaud the 2019 General Assembly’s efforts to freeze tuition to enable students to access an affordable, high quality education.  I also applaud the attempts to increase accountability and transparency in higher education.  Students should be given accurate information as to what to expect in their future job prospects. I also understand that a four year bachelor’s degree is not for every student. I will work to promote credentials and other post-secondary pathways to employment. As a supervisor I have pushed for career and technical education as well as dual enrollment for high school students.

Rural internet is going to be one of the biggest challenges that many residents of the 25th district will face.  In Augusta County, for example, fifty percent of county residents either are unsatisfied with their internet access or don’t have internet access.  Eight years ago, I began to make broadband a priority for the County and it is now a major focus.  I helped found and currently serve on the Augusta County Broadband Committee where I’ve worked tirelessly to secure state funding that will help expand service. I look forward to bringing a statewide focus to a free-market plan to expand Internet access to rural Virginia.

As an elected supervisor I have fought to improve transportation and roads.  I have paved dirt roads, made safety improvements and allocated over $1 million to make the Weyers Cave exit on I-81 safer and more efficient (2020 construction).  My experience on the Board has also shown me wasteful spending in transportation.  In Richmond I will continue this fight and will push for a cost-effective solution to I-81 while seeking out opportunities to cut wasteful spending that could be better used for real improvement.

I have prioritized and supported agriculture as a board of supervisor over the last 8 years. Augusta County is one of the largest farming economies in Virginia and I will continue to represent and protect farmers in the House of Delegates.