The number one thing I talk to residents about is road maintenance and paving.  We have over 45 unpaved roads in our district and many other roads that need pot holes filled, brush cut back, and safety improvements.  We have three roads scheduled to be paved during the upcoming summers: Leaport (2018), Willow Spout (2018), and Nash (2020).  If State cuts our funding these projects may be delayed.  I made a promise that I would create a system to pave roads that was fair and transparent.  These three unpaved roads have the top three vehicle traffic in the district, have significant number of people who live on them, and most residents want the roads paved.  The County has also incentivized Vdot to make improvements to the Weyers Cave intersection to accommodate more traffic.  The Board also requested a study for a traffic light at Woodrow Wilson and Spring Hill.  Unfortunately, Vdot concluded that no intersection changes were necessary.  We have requested that an intersection with ramps be put in but it is unlikely to be funded in the near future.  Vdot does not work for me but they do work with me.  Many times (but not every time) I can get them to push up their maintenance of roads. If you are having problems please contact me at or 540-292-5243.